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Price & Duration

fast track electrician courses

Getting Started

Get started on your course with a deposit of just £495, pay the remaining balance of your invoice over the following months while learning. Our ‘Pay As You Learn’ options from as little as £200 per month all with 0% Interest or financing.


Total costs range, but from beginner to fully qualified starts from £6430.00 this is split across each course with it's own payment plan.

Pay As You Learn

0% Pay As You Learn is available on all our courses.

*Excluding the 2382 Wiring Regulations*

Electrician Course
fast track electrician course

Payment Methods

We accept all major UK cards, Visa, MasterCard and American Express via our website online.

Our preferred method of payment is via Bank Transfer, please contact us to discuss your reference.

Our BACs details:

Bank Name: Starling Bank

Sort code: 60-83-71

Account: 08909791

Account Name: The Guilds Education Solutions


E-Learning Courses are autonomous giving you the learner choice over the pace of the course that suits your needs. The Virtual classes are planned to be completed over a set number of weeks, at times the duration can be faster or slower depending on the class.

Self Paced

Past learners with The Guilds have successfully completed the 2365 Level 2 Diploma in as little as 4 weeks, the 2365 Level 3 in as little as 12 weeks on our E-Learning options. These types of learners completing  at a faster pace does not indicate they are skipping any modules, these successful learners are due to leaners already working onsite and being extremely dedicated to finishing whilst meeting the GLHs .

Average Time

Each course also varies in length. 2365 Level 2 Diploma 3-5 Months, 2365 Level 3 Diploma 6-8 Months, the NVQs (2357& 2346) around 8-12 Months.

The 2382 Wiring Regulations around 1 month.

Average Total study time of between 18-24 months.


On each course differs, the 2365 Level 2 & 3 Diplomas both have an 18 month registration period. The 2357/2346 NVQs both have up to 36 Months. The 2382 Wiring Regulations 12 months.

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