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Why you should become an Electrician?

Highest pay of all trades, growth in demand and flexible hours these are just some of the reasons why you should become an electrician. 1) Highest pay out of all trades:

Out of all UK trades electricians are paid the most on average. Data from a recent Moneybarn survey revealed that the trade is the highest paid in the UK. With Electricians in and around London making around £36,000 on average. With the highest pay grade out of all trades the profession is worth getting into, with a Skills gap and ever-increasing demand the salary of an electrician is on the rise.

In 2017 a daily mail article cited that some electricians made over £157,000 a year, bringing home around £3,000 per week. This is a top of the end statistic however the level of some electricians at industrial and self-employed domestic can reach numbers far higher than the average earnings of any other profession.

2) Skills Gap and demand increasing:

With less and less people training to become electricians and more and more need for them there is a ever increasing demand for the trade. Without more trained electricians coming through the growth rate of the UK will slow as the trade is one of the most needed for development and innovation in the UK. The high salary potential and ever-increasing demand for more electricians means that now is a better time than ever to get into the trade.

3) Flexible hours and a chance to be your own boss.

Working as a electrician can be challenging, however as self employed electrician you can choose when you work and what you are doing. The change from a normal 9-5 is a refreshing and free type of work, with some weeks as a 50-60 working week paying a huge wage, this will give you the freedom to change when you want to work.

As well as a flexible working pattern the chance to be your own boss allows you to choose your salary. With the freedom to choose when you work, you’ll be able to plan your work around your social life and make as much money as you want to work for. Being your own boss and having your own firm allows you to build up a good customer base to get regular clients and work the jobs you want to work.

Even though it’s challenging work with long hours you’ll be able to have the freedom to choose when you rest.

4) Training whilst you work

This trade is unlike any other profession with the freedom to earn whilst becoming qualified, giving you the experience, you need before becoming a full qualified electrician. Giving you the opportunity to structure a training and work life around what you can manage.

The more experience you get the more money you’ll be able to charge. Experienced electricians can charge as much as industry standards allow, meaning you’ll be able to take in more and more as your qualifications build up.

5) Variety of work

While it is hard work, being a electrician means that one day will never be the same last as the last. The variety of jobs available is ever increasing with domestic and industrial opportunities ever increasing. As well as different types of work, the more experience you get the more challenging and higher paid jobs you’ll be able to take. Starting off with more boring jobs and progressing to wiring your own jobs, gives you the variety to charge what you like with the more experience. Allowing you to explore what field you would like to specialise in.

This type of work allows for a more freedom and flexibility than any other trade or profession. The low start up costs of the industry allows for people to get into this trade quicker than ever. While getting more and more qualified allowing you to expand your skills and one day become a master electrician.

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