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The Guilds Experience; Charlotte

I've always thought that it is good to have a trade. Recently, after paying out a small fortune to trades people and not being 100% satisfied with the service, I thought "I could do that better". I currently work as a part time domiciliary carer which I enjoy, but unfortunately doesn't pay well. I also have a young daughter to consider and as she gets older I don't want to be working evenings and weekends. So I made the decision to retrain with the aim of becoming an electrician.

I spent a lot of time researching into the qualifications needed to get fully qualified and what various training providers offered. The Guilds really stood out to me as a lot of the theory work can be done as distance learning. They are also incredibly flexible in how you get practical workshops and exams completed. The staff were encouraging from the first contact and continue to help me whenever I need it.

I've just completed and passed the first 3 exams/assessments on the Level 2 diploma. I was really nervous, doubting myself at every step, especially about the practical elements as I don't have much experience using power tools. I spent a day and a half with Luke and Matthew in the workshop who were very patient and talked me through each step. I gradually gained in confidence and the next assessment feels less daunting. I'm feeling motivated and excited about the next step and what opportunities this will lead to. - Charlotte E.

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