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How to use social media as an Electrician

Firstly, as an Electrician you should be focusing on selling yourself to consumers and showing off your work. Social media is a great platform for this, whether its advertising, talking with customers or getting reviews, it gets your name out there in the public eye.

This can be extremely useful for a boost in customers. What should you be focusing on? You probably aren’t an Instagram influencer with time to be posting on every platform there is. So, pick one and focus on it.


Facebook is a great way to interact with communities and people of your local area. There are millions of community groups with people looking for certain services and Electricians are included in that.

With Facebook it allows people to look at reviews and see how other customers felt about the quality of your services. With this free advertisement Facebook now works as more as a search engine with friends. Giving you the opportunity to get your name heard wherever you are based without having to worry about paying for google ad space.

You want people to recognise your brand and know you are working in their area. You should try to interact with local groups and build an image of a local Electrician then people will know your name and be able to find you easily.

Instagram and tik tok:

If your more of a content creator yourself, visual platforms such as Instagram and TikTok will be more suited for you. While both platforms have younger audiences, they have the potential for hundreds of thousands of views if the content you produce goes viral.

This can help grow your customer base and put your name out there in the younger market. Other companies and businesses have started to use Tik tok, to grow their recognition, using short videos and visually pleasing posts to engage a short-term audience.

These creative videos can help create a connection between you and your customers. This allows you to put a face to your name and show people what services you provide and the good examples.


LinkedIn is a useful platform as it allows you to connect with other professionals and businesses online. While this isn’t a visual platform like Instagram and Tik Tok it allows you to connect with businesses/industrial clients over domestic clients. Helping build a professional image, with a profile of previous work and connections in the industry it can really help show your future clients what experience you already have.

A few tips for running a social media page:

Keep the posts consistent, pages that don’t regularly upload content won’t attract an audience, the more posts the more views and relevance on search engines. An engaged audience is the best way to build a community and customer base online.

Building up your search engine optimization or SEO will mean that when people search for Electricians on google you will be one of the first results. You can build up your SEO by using key words that people would tend to search. If you use more words that are commonly used or used by people in your area, then you are likely to see an increase in Web traffic. For example, naming your local area in an advertisement will help direct people near you to your services.

Make sure you keep up with interacting with your followers/friends. If you keep up to date with your messages and show people you are quick to respond, this will likely lead to you gaining a rapport.

When going to jobs ask for people to review you online, as the more reviews you have as a business the higher you will be in search engine results. Getting reviews will help SEO but using words that relate to common searches especially with what area you are in will help boost you in the searches and social media reach.

Getting reviews will help your SEO, but you should also use words in your adverts that apply to the local area. This will include key words about where you are and what services you provide as well as words like “best” or “cheap” because they are key terms that people search when looking for an Electrician’s services.

In conclusion:

Finally, you don’t need to be an influencer to attract attention to your business on social media. Following these steps and keeping active on social media will lead to you attracting more clients and making a brand of yourself. The key is consistency with social media, the more you post and the more people that see your posts, the more relevancy you’ll gain.

Its important to boost your SEO and make sure you are hitting the right audiences for posts, so don’t just post anything and everything make sure its targeted to an audience. The content you create and the posts you put out there will reach thousands of people if posted in the right places so just make sure your worker smarter not harder.

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