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How Much Do Electricians Earn? - 2022

The UK is currently undergoing a massive supply shortage with electricians as at least over 250 jobs are being required in each of the UKs biggest cities. Data from Indeed jobs suggests that London has over 850 Electrical jobs on offer now.

A survey from the office of national statistics showed that on average, UK electricians are the highest paid profession in the trades industry. On average earning over a grand more than their plumbing counterparts.

The need for electricians has been ever growing, especially since the pandemic. The skills gap appeared as a result, meaning fees for services have gone up. Over the past few decades, there hasn’t been enough skilled workers to match the UKs projected growth. Leading to a gap in the market for skilled workers.

This national trend has been seen in the consumer price index, where services for electricians has risen from a value of 0.22 CPIH to a 0.44 CPIH. Doubling in the past year, due to the ever-growing demand for domestic and industrial trades men. The consumer price index measures services and goods with the levels of inflation and ranks them annually. Therefore, a rise in the CPIH represents a rise in the cost of services for electricians.

ONS data reveals that Electrical installations is the most profitable trades industry of 2021. Electricians with experience can expect to earn around £18-£25 per hour working under employers. More experienced tradesmen may see up to £80 an hour for a contract, as seen from data on Indeed.

While some trades are reported with higher earnings, using the data from the ONS Electricians have the highest amount when the median is used to measure the data.

The need for electricians is also the highest in all UK trades. With a shortage 20 years in the making, with electricians being the 10th most needed job in the UK, opportunities in the trade aren’t falling short.

We’ve analysed over 4000 job positions that are available under Electricians in the UK’s five biggest cities. This data collected from Indeed, Totaljobs and others suggested that London and Middlesex were the highest in demand when looking at specific areas. These two have collated over 2000 alone in vacancies.

The electrical industry is under massive call for more qualified electricians, in 2021 a study by Paymentsense, stated that there were 492,926 roles listed in 2021.

The electrical industry is on trend to be the 9th most required for jobs in the next 5 years. With 15,000 newly trained electricians needed for the projected growth in the next half decade. We are currently behind for this to be the case.

With prices for services rising, now more than ever is the best time to get into the industry. Get started with us today by calling on 07706624712 or 0115 877 1296


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