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Don't get taken for a ride!

Want to become a qualified electrician? Look carefully at the training courses on offer to avoid wasting time and money, is the advice in a campaign from electrical industry body

The Electrotechnical Skills Partnership (TESP). Alongside the many training providers who are doing the right thing and offering industry-recognised qualifications, there are unfortunately some training providers – dubbed by TESP as ‘Rogue Trainers’ – who don’t deliver on their promises, presenting a range of courses which look impressive to the untrained eye, but on proper inspection don’t lead to qualified status. The advice to those wanting to become an electrician is look carefully at what’s on offer and be aware of red flags like hard sells, payment plans, and qualification packages which aren’t recognised by industry.

Full advice is available at with top tips for choosing a

training provider, along with warning signs to look out for when researching a

provider’s claims. Visitors are signposted to TESP’s industry approved Training

Routes to read more on the right paths to follow to become qualified.

Twitter: @TESP_Skills


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